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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 28, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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♪ it's monday, september 28th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." trump tax plan. speaking to scott pelley on "60 minutes," donald trump reveals who won't be paying taxes if he is elected president. face-to-face. president obama and vladimir putin meet at the united nations despite tensions over syria and ukraine, the two leaders see eye-to-eye on one issue. pope francis bids farewell to the united states capping a mass for more than 1.5 million people. dugout dustup. two star teammates on the washington nationals go at each
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other's throat in the middle of the game! good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. thanks for joining us. i'm anne-marie green. later this morning, domed trump is expected to unveil details of his plan to revise the u.s. tax code. on sunday's season premiere of "60 minutes," trump told scott pelley he would lower that a large of the people would not pay taxes at all and he would raise taxes on some of the wealthiest americans. >> reporter: do you know what the numbers are right now? >> i know them right now. >> reporter: tell me. this is xm. it "60 minutes." >> there will be a large segment of our country that will have a zero rate, a zero rate. and that is something i haven't told anybody. >> reporter: you're talking about? >> we are talking about people in the low income brackets that
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are supposed to be paying taxes many of them don't any way. >> reporter: you're talking about making part of the population exempt from income taxes? >> that's right. >> reporter: you're talking about cutting corporate income taxes? >> that is correct. >> reporter: but there is a 19 trillion dollar federal debt. >> that's right. we are going to grow the economy so much. >> reporter: you can't afford to do those things. >> if i bring jobs back from china, from japan, from mexico, from so many countries, everybody is tag our jobs. >> reporter: how do you get them back. >> you get them back. >> reporter: the 20 dollar an hour jobs that this country was built on? >> you get them back by taking them away from other on countries. if you look at china. >> reporter: how does the president do that? >> the president does it by not allowing places like china to -- they devalue their currency to such an extent, that it's impossible for our companies to compete. every time they do that, they suck the blood right out of our country. >> reporter: you're not running for president of china. >> reporter: no, i'm not. >> reporter: -- >> no, i'm no. >> reporter: you're able to
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devaluate their currency. >> they will respect me. here is what we have to do. if they don't come to the table they will have a tax when they put their products into this country and they are going to may have. >> reporter: so you would tax their -- coming into the united states? you're talking about a trade war. >> i'm talking about fair war. >> coming up on "cbs this morning," we will have much more on donald trump's tax plan, including analysis and a look at his health care proposal. a new poll indicates trump's lead over his gop rivals has evaporated. a "wall street journal"/nbc news poll released yesterday found trump is virtually twiied with former neurosurgeon ben carson. later today, president obama addresses the general assembly of the united nations here in new york. the president will also hold his first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin
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in nearly a year. hena daniels is at the united nations with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on sunday, the president spoke to world leaders about poverty. today, he is expected to discuss a host of issues as he addresses the general assembly. president obama urged world leaders sunday to join the u.s. in helping combat poverty and world hunger. >> it is a lack of development when people have no education and no jobs and no hope, it helps fuel so much of the tensions and conflict and instability in our world. >> reporter: today, the president will turn his attention to other pressing international issues, including the crisis in syria. russia has rernltcently angered u.s. by sending supplies to the country. some believe the weapons could be use to attack rebel forces to the u.s.
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with "60 minutes" charlie rose. >> translator: there is no other solution to the syrian crisis and renders them help to fight terrorism. >> reporter: putin will resolve the conflict in syria when he addresses the united nations today. he will meet with president obama on the sidelines of the general assembly as the two leaders try to find common ground on the issue. aside from vladimir putin today, president obama is also expected to go face-to-face with cuban president raul castro. >> hena daniels at the united nations, thank you. pope francis returns to the vatican this morning after a six-day visit to the united states. before leaving, francis celebrated mass for hundreds of thousands in philadelphia. the mass capped a day during which the pope addressed the issue of same sex abuse by catholic priests. marlee hall has our report. >> reporter: pope francis waves farewell at the airport in philadelphia as he boarded a plane for rome.
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vice president joe biden led the u.s. delegation to see him off. the pope made a final request to end his historic visit to the u.s. >> for jesus, his families and the broader family of society. >> reporter: at the beginning of his last day, francis met with sex abuse survivors and vowed that those responsible would be held accountable. i remain overwhelmed with shame that men entrusted with a tender care of children violated these little ones and caused grievous harm. barbara doris, an alleged victim wants the pope to do more. >> this guy is a monarch. if he says they are gone, they are gone. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people celebrated a late afternoon mass with the holy father. >> translator: faith grows when
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it is practiced and it is shaped by love. >> reporter: cell phones captured francis. an emotional moment for one woman. at the end of his last mass here in philadelphia, pope francis announced that the next world meeting of families will be in dublin, ireland, in 2018. that country has had some of the worst clergy sex abuse scandals and recently legalized same-sex marriage. in philadelphia, marlee hall, cbs news. the company that owns the seattle duck boat that hit an oncoming charter. federal investigators say the duck boat's left front axle sheared off. the national transporttion safety board says the boat did not have an axle repair that was recommended for some of the vehicles back in 2013. one month before he steps
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down, the speaker of the house john boehner is speaking his mind. appearing on "face the nation," his first one-on-one interview since he announced his resignation, boehner promised there won't be a government shutdown when funding expires this week and he blasted right wring lawmakers of his own party that he labeled as false prophets. >> we have members of the house and senate here in town and whip people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know, they know are never going to happen. >> boehner who resigned on friday said the pope's visit to congress last month was a moment of clarity for him. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is okay while a stage collapsed. the stage backdrop fell around her. she finished answering question afterwards and even used the incident to poke a bit of fun at other candidates. she said, trump, hillary? it could have been lots of people.
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after a record rainfall, things could get even wetter in mobile, alabama. more rain is in the forecast this week. overnight, more than 8 inches of rain came down triggering flash floods and washing out roads. a martian mystery is about to be solved. coming up on the "morning news." what nasa might tell us today about the red planet. first, his spotty senses weren't tingling when one man took a lighter to the gas tank of his car. all he knows is, there will be no crumb left! petsmart has a wide selection of natural foods. right now, save up to $7 on select bags of dry dog food. petsmart®. outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance, flonase controls six. so you are greater than your allergies. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
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new citracal pearls. dedelicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. this story is behind explanation. a man in detroit last tuesday was pumping gas. a spider happened to crawl across the opening of his death tank and definitely he was afraid of spiders because he used a lighter to try to burn the spider. there was a big fire that engulfed the gas pump. the station attendants hit the
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cutoff button and the man grabbed the fire extinguisher. believe it or not his car was barely damaged. on the cbs "moneywatch" now. investors hope to hear big news from apple. jill wagner it at the new york stock exchange and more. >> shell was drilling an explore tory well about 80 miles off alaska's northwest coast. environmental groups opposed to offshore drilling insist arctic. shell invested many years and billions of dollars in the exploration. volkswagen has set aside 7.3 billion dollars to fix the software in its cars. vw must try to meet u.s. clean air standards without hurting the performance of its cars. in a statement issued yesterday,
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volkswagen says it will fix the issue as soon as possible. this week, investors are looking toward friday's job reports. they will try to gauge if the labor market is strong enough for the fed to raise interest rates. today, apple is expected to announce sales figures for the iphone 6s. the latest version of the iphone went on sale friday. based on early indications, it's possible iphone sales will surpass previous records in the 11 to 13 million range. the iphone 6 sold 10 million units in its opening sales weekend. the prime minister of india took part of a town hall meeting at the facebook headquarters. sunday's appearance by the leader included a special question and answer questioned with facebook's ceo mark zuckerbe zuckerberg. he answered questions about doing business in india and government investments and what is being done to empower women.
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baby carriages ruled the streets of paris. the city of lights is going car-free for the first time on sunday. the ban in autos in paris as they prepare to start talks on reducing emissions from cars. paris is one of the most polluted cities in the world. a young massachusetts boy did the right thing. 7-year-old aiden wright was playing in a park when he found $8,000! it was in a checkbook laying on a slide. aiden took the money to his uncle and they turned it over to police. the money belongs to a contractor who had just gotten paid. he gave aiden a $100 reward. >> a hundred bucks can go a long way. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. straight ahead, a family's incredibly journey to see the pope ends with an audience with francis himself. what the pope is saying about their trip. later, a field on fire.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. the year 2033. star gazers into too in a total lunar eclipse overnight what is known as the super moon. a lunar eclipse is when the earth and sun and moon are aligned and the earth's shadow obscures the earth's surface. super moons are what you see when the full moon is at its closest path to earth. the two phenomenon haven't occurred at the same time since 1982. the moon may have put on a show but today mars is grabbing the headlines when nasa holds a press conference to announce a major finding about the red planet. that someone of the stories on the morning newsstand.
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"the telegraph" says it has discovered life on mars while that possibility is creating a lot of excitement, the leadi ii theory is scientists have discovered water in liquid form. if there is water on mars it might make future manned missions there easier and it raises the possibility that life could exist on the red plaenet. tony stewart will retire after this season. in 2014 stewart struck and killed a fellow driver in upstate new york. ward was out of his car to confront stewart when he was hit. stewart ka cleared of any wrongdoing. for the length a family went to see pope francis. six months ago, the family of six packed up in a vw bus and started making the more than 13,000-mile trip to philadelphia. the pope, who is also from
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argentina, heard of their journey and granted them an audience. >> we always imagine that you can be, like, drinking a coffee with him, so we love him. he inspire us a lot. >> francis asked the family to pray for him. the family's van is named francesca in honor of the pope. "the new york times" reports on trevor noah's final test run on "the daily show." according to "the times" much of the long running comedy central series, including the well-known music, is the same as it was with jon stewart at the helm. it all starts for real tonight when noah takes -- sits rather behind "the daily show desk" as host for the first time. still to come, national controversy. baseball players battle in the dugout. and they are on the same team. this is the "cbs morning news." your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. and they are on the same team. this is the "cbs morning news." and they are on the same team. this is the "cbs morning news." and they are on the same team. this is the "cbs morning news." and they are on the same team.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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well, it looks like things have gone from bad to worse for the washington nationals. already eliminated from the playoffs, now two of the team's star players are at each other's throats literally. during sunday's game, closer john papelbon is seen criticizing bryce harper for not running at a flyball. the argument gets heated once harper is in the dugout, that's when papelbon grabs harper by the throat and shoves him against the wall. even after they were separated, the two players seemed to have differing opinions on where their relationship stands. >> bryce and i are good. we will be good. so, like i said we have a brotherly relationship. >> you fought with your brother before but have you ever fought with a teammate? >> usually fight with the other team. >> papelbon has been suspended.
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time for a quick recap of the week and we begin with the pope. the only person on earth who can pull off a white gape, gwyneth. he is the only one. you look like darth vader. last night on "60 minutes," donald trump talked with scott pelley about his campaign and he answered some personal questions about himself. >> reporter: you love hearing about yourself. >> i do. >> reporter: it is oxygen to you. what does that tell us about donald trump? >> no. if i'm on a show, i'll turn on the show, but i don't think i'm any different than anybody else. >> reporter: i was in your office. all of the magazines on your desk are -- >> i have a lot of covers. >> reporter: -- are covers of
4:26 am
you. all of the pictures on the wall are pictures of you. >> it's cheaper than wallpaper. >> reporter: what are we supposed to take from that? >> look. i'm on a lot of covers. i think on more than any super model. as a way that is a sign of respect. people are respecting what you're doing. >> reporter: so this is the corner avenue at fifth avenue and 57th. probably the most expensive intersection in the world. >> i would say it is. absolutely. >> reporter: but there isn't enough respect, he told us, for the business he built. trump real estate scrapes the skies of the world, apartments, offices, hotels, casinos, famous golf courses and television shows. he started with his father's successful real estate and now trump says he is worth $10 billion. others estimate 4. real estate values are notoriously variable. your father also used to tell you if i have this right, attack, attack, attack. >> reporter: i tell you what, my father was a really good man
4:27 am
with a tremendous heart but he was a tough cookie. >> reporter: with a tougher hide perhaps than his son who has sometimes gone to war with reporters. why so thin-skinned? >> i don't like lies. i don't mind a bad story. if you did a bad story on me for "60 minutes," if it were a fair story, i wouldn't be thin-skinned at all. you know, some of the media is among the worst people i've met and a good percentage really is a terrible group of people. they write lies, they write false stories. they know they are false. it makes no difference. and, frankly, i'm not thin dunn skinned, i'm angry. >> reporter: an impression is created that you like to dish it out but you can't take a punch. >> oh, i think i can take it. i can take it, if it's fair. again, if people say things that are false, which happens a lot with me, if people say things that are false, i will fight. >> you can watch the entire "60 minutes" interview with donald trump at
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coming up after your knolocal n, we will have more with donald trump. and what is behind a surge in plastic surgery in south korea? in her first interview, ann romney talks about her fight against ms and its effect on her political life. than thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, after a two day visit and a mass i have public mass in the parkway, pope francis leaves philadelphia. we will get a closer look at his trip. >> now that pope francis is gone, clean up is underway in the city. those folks are hard at work. gates, barricades, being removed to try to get everything back up and running. some good news, many roads are open ahead of schedule. live look at the ben franklin bridge, which is now back open to traffic. the roads you can drive on again if you're headed into work today. >> good morning, it is monday, september 28th, i'm erika von tiehl amount check on the now open roads, and also our forecast with justin and meisha. good morning. >> good morning it, fells like we never left. >> i know, straight through. >> never end being.


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